Liquid Slow-Release Fertilisers

Methylene urea fertilizers are slow-release nitrogen fertilizers that offer distinct advantages in agricultural and horticultural applications

These fertilizers are composed of a polymerized compound formed by combining urea with formaldehyde, resulting in a more controlled and extended release of nitrogen to plants. The slow-release mechanism allows for a gradual breakdown of the fertilizer, providing a steady supply of nitrogen over an extended period. This controlled-release feature helps to minimize nutrient loss through leaching and volatilization, ensuring that plants receive a consistent and efficient supply of nitrogen for optimal growth and development.

One of the significant benefits of methylene urea fertilizers is their ability to enhance nutrient use efficiency. The slow-release nature of these fertilizers reduces the risk of nutrient wastage, as the nitrogen is gradually released in sync with the plant’s requirements. This improved nutrient utilization not only helps to maximize crop yields but also minimizes environmental pollution by reducing nitrogen runoff into water bodies and minimizing the release of greenhouse gases. Methylene urea fertilizers are particularly useful in situations where a prolonged nutrient supply is needed, such as in landscaping, turf management, and greenhouse production. They provide a reliable source of nitrogen that can meet the plants’ nutritional needs over an extended period, promoting balanced growth, improved stress tolerance, and overall plant health.

In summary, methylene urea fertilizers offer the advantage of controlled-release nitrogen, which enhances nutrient use efficiency and reduces environmental impact. Their slow-release mechanism ensures a steady supply of nitrogen to plants while minimizing nutrient loss. With their extended nutrient availability, methylene urea fertilizers play a vital role in sustainable agriculture, promoting healthy plant growth and reducing the potential negative impacts associated with traditional nitrogen fertilizers

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Their slow-release mechanism ensures a steady supply of nitrogen to plants while minimizing nutrient loss
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