Granular / Prilled Bulk Urea

Urea solid fertilizer is a highly versatile and widely used nitrogen-based fertilizer that provides essential nutrients to plants.

It consists of granules or prills of urea, a concentrated form of nitrogen. Urea solid fertilizer is known for its high nitrogen content, typically containing around 46%nitrogen,making it an excellent source of this essential nutrient for crops. The solid form allows for easy handling and application,whether it’s through broadcasting, side-dressing, or incorporation into the soil. Urea solid fertilizer is valued for its fast-release nature, providing plants with readily available nitrogen for quick uptake and utilization. This makes it suitable for a wide range of crops and agricultural practices, helping to boost growth, increase yield potential, and improve overall plant health. Its versatility, high nitrogen content, and convenience in application make urea solid fertilizer a popular choice among farmers and gardeners worldwide.

Urea is purchased in large quantities for use within operations at Marinochem and we also offer bulk quantities of urea at competitive prices.
Bulk quantities
of urea at competitive prices
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